“All I can say is WOW WOW WOW…The work that Serenity Lifestyle Homes did was amazing. Now we can finally call this our home. Everything was on time and on schedule and especially on budget. Thank you!”

Mississauga 1940 Home

“Two years ago, we ventured into constructing our own custom-built home. From the very beginning when the plans were drawn up to the closing, Guy was an integral part in realizing our dream. He was, along with his superior staff and subcontractors, very professional, reliable and committed to ensuring that our needs were met and the job was completed on time, within budget and to our specifications.

We would highly recommend him as an excellent home builder and would not hesitate to have Guy build another home for us in the future.”

Lucy and Richard Morris

“He’s competent and attentive, and he gets the maximum out of people working for him, says structural engineer Oscar Zaretsky, who’s known Guy for more than 25 years.”

Oscar Zaretsky

“I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Gaetano Marcello from approximately 1990 through to present.  During this time I interfaced with Mr. Marcello in the capacity of Building Inspector for the Town of Aurora, while Gaetano continued to advance through several transitions from Site Superintendent to Construction Manager. The following is a summary of my assessment of his job performance:

Gaetano’s demeanor is thoughtful, attentive, calm and friendly, even under the most stressful of circumstances and working with the most difficult of people. He takes time to gather facts, ensuring he is reacting to all facts and not partial data, and thus produces consistent, high-quality results.

Gaetano is an excellent organizer and deals effectively both with regulators and with those to whom he reports (Clients). Superior under stress, Gaetano actually appears to become calmer and more patient as stress escalates or conflicts emerge, making him an extremely valuable leader in his industry that can inspire excellent performance, ensure accountability, and build bridges even under duress.

Gaetano has a firm grasp of technical details and takes the time to document them. Gaetano is also highly skilled at recognizing issues that require escalation to clients or regulators for decision-making.

I have worked with Gaetano on small and large projects and he was always very timely with completion of his work, if not ahead of schedule, and was deemed as a source of knowledge and competency by fellow inspectors as well as rate-payers. Gaetano qualities and work ethic underpinned that success. I would highly recommend Gaetano in any project that involves complexity, tough time constraints, or high quality requirements.

Typically, Gaetano tackles this by presenting a number of well thought-out options with pros and cons to aid the decision maker in making choices and in understanding and communicating the implications of that choice.

In short, I would consider any future client very lucky to have Gaetano as a contractor, as he is virtually a shoo-in for creating the atmosphere and structure necessary to bring in a successful project.

Overall, Gaetano Marcello was a tremendous contributor to the success of projects that he was involved with. He successfully completed work either through individual effort or through the leadership of others. He works with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of his work consistently exceeded expectations.

I highly recommend him and any resource that he endorses and personally wish him continued success in the pursuit of his craft.”

Yancy Ambing, CET